maandag 5 januari 2015

Five Hungarian Startups To Take Part At US Technological Innovation Festival

The promising Hungarian startup enterprises have been selected by a professional jury to send their innovative products to one of the world’s chief venues for aspiring technological innovators.
The Hungarian startups have been selected by the Budapest-based incubation centre Design Terminal to introduce their products under development at the five-day South by Southwest Interactive (SXSW Interactive), held in Austin, Texas, for emerging players in the fields of film industry, popular music and technological innovation. These are the three products that have been granted free travel to the event:
Brewie: A fully automatised home brewery, for which HUF 33 million has already been raised with the team’s Indiegogo campaign;
Synetiq: The neuromarketing company’s objective is to improve advertisements’ effectiveness with the analysis of brain waves. The recently founded company is already partnered with several international advertisement agencies.
Vidzor: The tram’s online tool facilitates the creation and sharing of interactive and platform-independent videos.
Notch: The startup has developed a 3D movement detection module with which the movement of the entire body can be monitored. With the help of detectors fastened on the body, even extreme movements can be modelled in 3D without restricting the mobility of the user.
Sbrick: The team has already finished a successful Kickstarter campaign with their remote-control module for Lego motors and they have now by now found a more serious area, the remote surveillance of household appliance.

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